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Bulk Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems

Client Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Total Contract Value: $33.6 million

Location: Bagram Airfield (BAF), Afghanistan

Project Description: Construction of a bulk fuel storage system consists of five major work elements identified as the TTOF Site (ECP-1), diesel fuel transfer line from the TTOF site to the South Tank Farm Site, South Tank Farm and the North Tank Farm inside Bagram Air Base and a TS-1 fuel transfer line from the North Tank Farm to the South Tank Farm.  At the TTOF site the scope of work is comprised of a 10k gal. diesel drop tank, transfer pumps, and loading and unloading truck positions. At the South Tank Farm, the scope of work includes construction of one (1) 10,000 barrel (420,000 gallons) JP-8 cut and cover storage facility, including pump house.  Work also includes construction of two (2) 250,000 gallon DF-2 cut and cover storage tanks with fill stands.

At the North Tank Farm, the scope of work includes construction of three (1) 1,050,000 gallon TS-1 cut and cover storage tanks, including pump house for each tank, and a filter control facility. Work will also include a transfer line from the South Tank Farm to the North Tank Farm bag farm, storage tanks, pump house, filter building and six (6) fill stands.